Commercial Landscape Gardening is a Team of Qualified operators providing Gardening, Landscape Construction & Sports Turf Management services to Brisbane Region Commercial & Domestic businesses.

About Us

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Pests and Diseases


Pest and Diseases pose a serious threat to the community if not contained or eradicated quickly. Refresher training is regular to stay up to date and in line with the Department of Agriculture and councils.

Our services:

  • Assess pest infestations

  • Treat plant diseases and plant disorders

  • Implement control measures

  • Monitoring control methods

Weed Control


We supply an Integrated Weed Management Program

which is more successful over longer periods. Our program uses more than one form of eradication. Our weed instruction comes directly from the Department of Agriculture and current  bio-security laws.

Types of weed control:

  • Terrestrial and aquatic

  • Invasive weeds

  • Restricted weeds

  • Prohibited invasive weeds