Turf Installation

We build, we irrigate, We maintain 
Finding advise on a turf selection that is suitable for your situation is some times hard, Commercial Landscape Gardening is happy to help regardless of the job size, From small backyards to a sporting facility. Our Qualified sports turf specialists can help.

Turf Maintenance

Services provided:

  • Regular turf maintance on all size properties 

  • Nutritional programs (fertilizing)

  • Irrigation

  • Acarage mowing

  • Pest and disease control and surveillance

  • Turf restoration/ renovation

  • Bowling green /Golf Green and Fairway maintenance and renovation


We can design and install irrigation to meet your watering needs.

We can design and install irrigation system for different soil types/gradients, and most importantly your water pressure and water consumption restraints. We can supply a regular maintenance and repair service for any irrigation system whether it be on a sports field or in a backyard.


About Us

Commercial Landscape Gardening is a Team of Qualified operators providing Gardening, Landscape Construction & Sports Turf Management Services to Brisbane Region Commercial & Domestic Businesses.
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