Plant Health Management

Plants need chemical elements and compounds which are essential for plant growth, in its absence the plant is unable to complete its normal cycle.  Plants missing a chemical element may have trouble fruiting and seeding or poor yielding. Plants must obtain the following nutrients from there growing media: Macro nutrients and Micro nutrients.


Our services:

  • Regular fertilising programs

  • Soil testing

  • PH adjustments

  • Mulching for water retention

  • Increasing micro organisms.

Regular Maintenance

Commercial landscape gardening can design a programmed grounds maintenance service for commercial or domestic properties. We access your property and supply a detailed report and quote on the needs of the grounds.

Our services:

  • Twice weekly

  • Weekly (greater aesthetic appeal)

  • Fortnightly

  • Monthly

About Us

Commercial Landscape Gardening is a Team of Qualified operators providing Gardening, Landscape Construction & Sports Turf Management Services to Brisbane Region Commercial & Domestic Businesses.
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